These additional connections occupy the same bandwidth used for ADSL service. Key length is outlined at the bottom of the window. Most notebook computers are now sold with an Ethernet port already installed. It is not functionally necessary to change the name of the connection, this is done merely to provide descriptive reference. Check the connection of cable and network adapter. This website uses cookies to give you the we of service. Make sure the problems list above are all eliminated.

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UPnP also allows supported devices to leave a network automatically without adverse effects to the device or other devices on the network. Click Apply to enter the new static route in the table below. Join our community today! Test for F5 or F4 connection on the near segment or end-to-end.

Typical ranges vary depending on the types of materials and background RF noise in your home or business. Double-click OK to confirm and save your changes.

Need USB drivers for Huawei Quidway WA1003A Router.

Make sure the user name and password is correct. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. Configure a range of ports for forwarding. Click the Apply button when you have configured the log message receivers. Make the desired changes and click the Add button.


This means that it can assign an IP address, subnet mask, and a default gateway address to computers on wa1003s LAN. In the example above, available addresses range from The IP address can be assigned in a number of ways.

Select the desired Mode, Bridged or Routed. When it is enabled, the access point is instructed to forward packets only from wireless devices only if the MAC ub of the device is granted association. Are you a Computer and Internet Expert?

Click the New Connection button. Most notebook computers are now sold with an Ethernet port already installed. It is more important first to make sure that your wireless network is functioning properly.


Check the IP settings on your computer and change them if necessary so the computer can access the web-based software built into the WAA-RU. For others, various parameters that control and define the Internet connection will be required. Type the Username and Password used to verify the identity of your account.

In Windows Internet Explorer, you can check if a proxy server is enabled using the following procedure: Click on the New Connection button. If you are using more than one WAN connection, a single set of access rules is maintained for each controlled IP address that operates on all WAN connections. To change the Connection 1 settings to use a different connection type, follow the instructions below according to the type of connection you want to use.

You should see the Power LED indicator light up and remain lit. The default Password is admin.

However, if you are instructed to specify the modulation type used for the WAA-RU, you have three alternatives: Remember to save the configuration changes. Setup, Advanced, Tools, Status, and Help. Downstream up to 1.

How to Set-Up USB ADSL Router (Modem)(Huawei Quidway WAA)

Use a ballpoint or paperclip to gently push down the reset button. Figure Opening Setup window If you are not instructed to change the modulation type, click the Wireless button or hyperlink to configure the wireless settings.

Creating a new connection will not change the Connection 1 settings, it will make a new set of coneciton configuration settings. If you must install an adapter, follow the installation wa100a3 that come with the Ethernet NIC adapter.