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I understand and agree to the terms above and am in full knowledge of the product I am purchasing. In regards to web-publishing, desktop publishing, graphic design, and word-processing — the N has some flaws. This spring-loaded mechanism makes tilting relatively easy and locks the panel into place. The N performs up to expectations in the Scaled Font test. The transit time will vary by delivery address and our chosen ship method. This section allows one to adjust several picture values until an optimized picture is attained. For one, instead of the more popular terms like “Focus and Clock” tracking and timing , we get “Fine and Coarse” instead.

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Your eyes should not feel discomfort even after extended periods of time – due to texts that samsung syncmaster 171n sharp and crystal clear. This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and is in excellent condition.

Samsung SyncMaster 171N Manuals

In the Gray-Scale Samsung syncmaster 171n test, the contrast in the shades of color can be clearly seen but in cases where the contrast index is only by a difference of one, two or four, it is harder to make them out. When I first started to test and evaluate the N, I used it solo. The T was already set to the correct and desired level since contrast is predefined and automatically set when using a DVI-D connection.

Wide Viewing Angle Samsung syncmaster 171n looking at the screen from various angles left, right, up and downwe can still make out texts and graphics, though we see dimming in certain portions of the screen you will still get the best picture when samsung syncmaster 171n view the panel directly.

However, we did see a change in color tints in the peak intensities of red, cyan and white.

Samsung SyncMaster 171N

We did not once max out these settings in the course of the movie test. Warranty and Returns Manufacturer Warranty. The Samsung N allows you to experience games and movies without ghosts or distortion with its speedy 25ms response time.

Route your cables through here for samsung syncmaster 171n neater appearance.

Samsung SyncMaster N – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

This anomaly is largely due to the difficulty in backlighting the panel uniformly over the entire screen resulting in hot and cold spots that are brighter or dimmer than average. Some of the blocks with an index samsung syncmaster 171nand towards the bright end of the scale are indistinguishable from one ssamsung.

View a sample email.

Furthermore, there is only a barely discernible flicker even though it is an analog LCD panel. In the case of the T, there are no traces of ghost trailing. The black monitor stand though constructed of plastics, is relatively easy to samsung syncmaster 171n, is height adjustable samsung syncmaster 171n allows for relatively tension free tilting.

Here is a look at samsunh back of the monitor. The T also has an external power-supply and the display can only be placed in a power-standby mode.

But these are minor quibbles. Windows, Macintosh, Sun Microsystems.

You can customize the contrast, brightness, and aspect samsung syncmaster 171n to your preferred levels because this Samsung SyncMaster monitor features easy-to-manipulate controls. Black leather and woolen coat syncmadter as shiny and as black as they should in real life. We discovered blurring and disappearing elements in frenetic action sequences.

There is a yellowish tint to the brightest white,cyan samsung syncmaster 171n red.

Not redeemable for cash. Return Policy Please samsung syncmaster 171n here to view TigerDirect. In terms of screen quality, we are impressed with the Samsung N in reproducing text and graphics accurately – it looks sharp and images are clearly defined without any distortions.

Samsung syncmaster 171n, we can see bright ridges for the colors black, blue, dark blue, red, dark red, samsumg and dark magenta; dark ysncmaster text is not clear in the Black on Dark Gray box.

Additionally, picture looks slightly coarser in darker scenes, but details remain generally distinctive. Another mitigating factor is the viewing angles afforded samsung syncmaster 171n the N. There are misinformed individuals out there that claim that there is no difference in quality between analog and digital TFTs. CRT monitors are still the better option in this aspect. However, there may be slight differences in store pricing or inventory compared to what is listed online.

When zooming-in closely to the grayscales on the N, you can see vertical ghosting and streaking on the right side of the thin black vertical line. Its contrast ratios were about 40 percent higher than those of the average samsung syncmaster 171n monitor here. However, the big difference is that the N is an analog display and the T is digital.