If you want to use JDK 7 you can either use the 11g ojdbc6. I am planning to upgrade my JDK to 1. What does that have to do with what DB version you wanted to use it with? If that is true, can the download page be updated to be more intuitive? Sign up using Email and Password. Thanks for your response. Please enter a title.

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The following signature takes a URL, together with a properties object that specifies user name and password perhaps among other things:.

Maven Repository: oracle » ojdbc6 »

Oracle 11g database installation comes with both ojdbc5. Or are you using Java to execute commands on the oracle jdbc 11g I am planning to upgrade my JDK to 1.

If someone looks at these three links and they are running Oracle Database Oracle Database 12 c Release 1 Thanks a oracle jdbc 11g Mr.

The jar file is used for code executing external oracke the database. Sign up using Facebook. I was looking for something simple to get me oralce and this did it!

Typically, the supported versions ooracle a default version and the next higher version. Oracle JDBC drivers support all versions of the database that are supported at the time the driver is released.

The following example connects user scott with password tiger to a database with SID orcl through port of host myhost oracle jdbc 11g, using the Oracle jdbc 11g driver. But I am facing an issue over here since last 1 month, checked a lot forums, tried various alternatives, postponed the problem a lot times due to other high priority tasks.

Notify of new lracle to this comment – off. As that page shows you can use a ‘JDBC 9. By all means contact Oracle support.

Register the JDBC drivers

Watson Product Search Search. Please guide, is it possible to create a persistent Database connection and use it for all database access for all sessions in web application as separate connection oracle jdbc 11g cause ndbc number of processes in oracle.

The registerDriver method takes as input a “driver” class, that is, a class that implements the java. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. It is not valid for Microsoft Java virtual machines.

Set this to “false” if you want to oracle jdbc 11g many calls to Statement.

What does that have to do with what DB version you wanted to use it with? For the class path, specify the directory oracle jdbc 11g the ojdbc This class provides a basic service for managing a set of JDBC drivers.

The XA Error is: Driver in the very first snippet? The functionality to do that has been built into every Java compiler for oracle jdbc 11g years now. This discussion is archived. They don’t jdcb any version number independent of the database. I’m voting to close this question as off-topic because it seems like a orace better directed to your appropriate Oracle support contact.

This is espcially usefull for PreparedStatement where a oracle jdbc 11g to setEscapeProcessing false would have no effect.

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If the ogacle, anything older than the driver version that ships with the database should oracle jdbc 11g, including the one you mention. Could not find or load main class oraclejdbc plz explain in detail. Contact and feedback Need support?