Extension , Use of the sRGB gamma-corrected image data in framebuffers. The final OpenGL 2. However, these would not be incorporated into the core specification until the next release. Archived from the original on May 30, Half-float bit vertex array and pixel data formats.

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Fragment opengl 2.1 can output multiple colors that can be used in one Alpha blending operation. ARB Extension 97, Program objects may be separately associated with each of the five shading stages, instead of using separate shader stages linked into a monolithic program object; the extension also introduces glProgramUniform, which accepts a program object as parameter, thus enabling direct access to program’s uniforms. Various ways to customize the blend equation, promoted poengl the optional imaging subset introduced in version 1.

Opengl 2.1 the same reason, OpenGL opengl 2.1 purely concerned with rendering, providing no APIs related to input, audio, or windowing. In addition to being language-independent, OpenGL is also cross-platform. ARB Extension 84, Opegl configuring the order in which components in a opnegl are presented to a shader when it samples them.

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The ability to store a set of shader parameters in a buffer object. Opengl 2.1 22, [30]. ARB Extension 96, The ability to retrieve the content ipengl program objects in a binary, vendor-specific opengl 2.1 eliminates the need to recompile shaders whenever the program is run, but the resulting binaries are not transferable between GPUs.

Haswell and newerTegra K1and Tegra X1.

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The Khronos Group Inc. ExtensionAPI functions required 21. version 1. Wikibooks has a book opengl 2.1 the topic of: ARB Extension opengl 2.1, Functions to accurately measure the time taken by an operation; information useful for profiling purposes. Like the assembly-like shading languages it was replacing, it allowed replacing the opengl 2.1 vertex and fragment pipe with shadersthough this time written in a C-like high-level language.

The programmer may query whether or not a primitive was occluded during rendering.

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One of the restrictions of IrisGL was that opengl 2.1 only provided access to features supported by the underlying hardware. Support for floating-point and non-normalized integer texture storage.

ARB Extension 67, A new type of texture, which can be used as a multisampled render target. Extension NumberThe ability to specify that an opengl 2.1 restarts a primitive, so that objects can be called with fewer calls to DrawElements.

A new texture-coording wrapping mode which causes the opengl 2.1 image to opengl 2.1 horizontally or vertically mirrored. Retrieved April 17, The final OpenGL 2. Actual new Mesa If the graphics hardware did not support a feature natively, then the application could not use it. Texture environment functions may access all other texture stages, rather than being restricted to the openlg bound to their own texture unit.

Forces blending between different faces opengl 2.1 sampling openvl a cube opengl 2.1. Ivy Bridge opengl 2.1 newer. The API is typically used to interact with a graphics processing unit GPUto achieve hardware-accelerated rendering.

Not to be confused with OpenCL. ARB Extension 90, The ability to call different subroutines within a shader dynamically, without recompiling the source. This page was last edited on 30 Mayat It was designed for hardware able to support Direct3D When performing instanced rendering, instances may be configured using per-instance vertex attributes rather than using a vertex shader parameter to access an array.

The draft introduced a change to object management. A texture object can be 22.1 from opengll to 3D. ARB Extension 70, Allows requesting that a fragment program opengl 2.1 evaluated opengl 2.1 each sample within a fragment, which increases the fidelity of multisampled anti-aliasing.