ICC profiles more information. Contact You can not choose? Lomond EvoJet Office review Printers. It’s quite uncanny watching photos this good appear so quickly. Lomond EvoJet Office printer — A revolution in office printer technology. The Memjet printhead contains a record number of print nozzles — up to 70, to be precise. The Lomond PostCard Photopaper series includes a set of preprinted postcards to create unique printed post cards.

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One claim put forward by the company is that it can produce colour prints for less than a laser printer. However, our test showed that the ink is not water resistant lomond evojet 2 means that highlighters are likely to cause heavy smudges.

The Lomond PostCard Photopaper series includes a set of preprinted postcards lomond evojet 2 create unique printed post cards.

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Add your contact to lomond evojet 2 mailing list and receive our newsletters! We lomonnd little diffference in print speed between document and content types, but what we did notice was the amount of noise made by the paper delivery mechanism – it’s certainly not the quietest of printers. Please fill in a complete birthday Lomond evojet 2 a valid birthday. Add your contact to our mailing list!

Products Products New products. Templates for self adhesive photopapers Get templates for common software applications for wide range of self adhesive materials. Memjet, static, wide The key lomond evojet 2 is the fact that this head remains static as it lays down 1-picolitre ink droplets while the paper passes through, a quicker process than moving the print head from side-to-side as typically seen in traditional inkjet printers.

This newer version is heavier by nearly 1kg, larger, boxier x x mm and generally sports a more modern look compared to the first Lomond evojet 2. Lomond EvoJet Office review. Generally speaking, though, the print lomond evojet 2 matched the specifications – approximately 60 pages per minute in normal mode and 30 pages in best mode. Front side is designed to printing on any inkjet printer according to your ideas, the back side is already a pre-printed as a regular postcard.

Page 2 of 2 Lomond EvoJet Office review 1. Or 30 pages A4 per minute with a print resolution of xdpi.

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Furthermore, the paper handling is not lomond evojet 2 and the two-line LCD could have been bigger and more legible. Powered by Memjet waterfall technology this printer is suitable for all home and commercial applications: The Memjet printhead contains a record number of print nozzles — up to 70, to be precise.

XML communication lomond evojet 2 information. XL materials for wide format printers. While these may seem a way off the claimed 60ppm speed, we usually include the time taken to create the print job and send it to the printer. Removing this, the text test hit exactly 60ppm, with colour lagging only slightly behind. Enter lomond evojet 2 code below and hit Verify. Pros Fast, really fast Relatively cheap.

This represents ecojet smallest drop volume in the world. Lomond evojet 2 has since released the EvoJet Office 2, which is lomond evojet 2 the same printer with the same print speed claims, but with a design makeover and a few tweaks. XL materials for wide format printers. Prinhead job reaches speed up to million drops evoet second. Manuals are in PDF format, you can read them as smoothly on your computer, or you can print them on your computer.

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Update your profile Evijet us wish you a happy birthday! Sponsored products for you. So if you’re looking for fast, cost-effective, office-based printing, then the Lomond EvoJet Office 2 lomond evojet 2 be worth considering.