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See Data Source utility dbdsn. If you leave this field blank, you are prompted for the information when you connect. Notes MLB tests have not been performed with this driver. Fails many MLR tests when executing a stored procedure that is part of the setup for several tests. I replaced the IP address with zeros.

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Notes MLB tests have not been performed with this driver.

This driver does not work with third-party software. We are using a point-of-sale system Micros that employs Sybase database. This switch and its associated workarounds are not documented because indiscriminate use of workarounds could cause data corruption or ianywhere odbc errors.

Unless specified otherwise, the recommendations refer to the Windows version of MobiLink. A name to identify your data source. If no stored procedures ianywhere odbc VARRAYs and none of them returns a result set, clear this checkbox to improve performance.

For Solaris, Version 3.

iAnywhere Solutions 12 – Oracle ODBC driver

In some cases, alternative drivers are also listed. This driver problem has been reported to Merant. Specify the configuration ianywhere odbc you need.

On a multiple-processor computer, you can restrict MobiLink and hence the ODBC driver to ianywheer on a single processor by using the? If a connection oebc is specified in the connection string as well as in the ODBC data source, the value that is specified ianywhere odbc takes precedence.

The default is The MLR will not run due to single connection limitation. Jeff Thanks for the reply. We have not been able to determine a viable workaround for these issues, but we are aware that some customers ianywhere odbc able to ianywhere odbc this driver successfully.

The following sections list the recommended ODBC driver for different types of consolidated database. If you are doing ianywhere odbc relatively large number of inserts, updates, and select into statements, these messages can fill network buffers resulting in data being lost without any warning.

Select this checkbox if you want the password to be stored in encrypted form in the data ianywnere. The size, in bytes, ianywhere odbc the byte array used to prefetch rows, on a per-statement basis. Passes most MLR tests. The ianywhere odbc works in the MLB tests under high load on multiple processors, but the performance benefit of using multiple processors is small: For ease of testing, and to allow MobiLink to apply workarounds to drivers that it does not recognize, the Ianywhere odbc workarounds can be set by the undocumented —hw command-line switch.

Passes MLB tests when run on a single processor.

Sybase iAnywhere ODBC Driver Manager

For some ODBC drivers, we are not able to develop viable workarounds for all issues. We ianywhere odbc not been able to determine a viable workaround for this issue, ianywhere odbc we are aware that some customers are able to use this driver successfully.

As a result of our testing, we recommend the following ODBC ianyehere for use with version 7. SQLBulkOperatons function fails when dealing with clob and blob.

Discuss this page in DocCommentXchange. Breck It says what Ianywhere odbc said it says. Select this checkbox if you want to enlist your transactions in the Ianywhere odbc Distributed Transaction Coordinator.

Recommended for use with MobiLink.

– Working with ODBC data sources

Differences between isql and PB db painter. ODBC Driver could not be loaded due to system ianywhere odbc code Microsoft defines the Open Database Connectivity ODBC interface, which is a standard interface for connecting client ianywhere odbc to database management systems in the Windows environments.

Password In dbdsn, set this oebc in the connection string.