About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Month and year of model’s original release. On the opposite side of the CLPN is the panel which folds back to allow the user to install the black, magenta, cyan and yellow toner cartridges. Against Bulky and heavy Wi-Fi adaptor costs extra Not primarily designed for photos. Easily replace the four toner cartridges on the CLPN. Users Manual, Syncthru manual, drivers and networking software, power plug, 1 black, 1 magenta, 1 cyan, and 1 yellow toner starter cartridge, imaging drum, and transfer belt cartridge.

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Samsung CLPN PCSTATS Review – Installation and Setup

Colour rendition clp 550n edge definition is good, with graininess and banding kept to an acceptable level. There are two interlocking covers on the printer; you must open the front door fully first, before the top cover can be lifted. Environmentally speaking, power consumption sits at a hefty watts whilst printing, and just 45 watts when idle. You position the printer clp 550n on your desk, as cl; control panel lies along its long edge and the sheet paper tray slides out from clp 550n base of its long face.

TechRadar pro IT clp 550n for business. There are also two memory expansion slots for an additional MB to be installed for a total of MB. A typical low end laser printer can run through at least 2, pages of text, and often many more without needing new toner cartridge. News Reviews Insights TechRadar.

The imaging drum drops in first, right into the bowels of the printer, with the transfer belt on top and the four wide, flat cartridges sliding in, one above the other, from the front. The monthly duty cycle of 35, pages keeps up with the clp 550n of high-volume offices.

The imaging unit is also light sensitive, and the cllp warns you to get the cover closed as soon as possible clp 550n it is installed. After it has been installed, and the top of the CLPN closed, clp 550n manual instructs us next to open up each sealed toner cartridges from the bags they ship inand install them clp 550n the corresponding colour-coded slot.

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Due to the fact that no less than six separate components the imaging unit, the transfer belt and the four toner cartridges need to be manually installed before the CLPN can be used, reading clp 550n manual is essential.

The menu system is pretty easy to navigate, though the display would benefit clp 550n a back-light. Choose between the Precision Premium Compatible and the clp 550n Samsung brand. The rear of the Samsung CLPN is mostly just a large cooling vent, but that does not mean it is noisy.

The printer is capable of printing on both sides of a page. Beginners Guides Cases clp 550n Access. A total of four toner cartridges are needed for a colour laser printer, corresponding clp 550n the CMYK colour scheme. Documents are delivered at 21 ppm in black and white and 5 ppm in color. Send us a note at webmaster precisionroller. This printer is not primarily designed as a photo printer, but puts up a strong performance in this area.

Samsung CLP – Colour Laser Printer Review | Trusted Reviews

Fortunately the illustrations and instructions are clear and helpful, and we had little trouble getting the printer together in about clp 550n minutes. Colour laser prices however, have only recently dropped out of the stratosphere into the realm of affordability. The small top cover release button allows the clp 550n top section of the CLPN to swing up for installation of the transfer belt cartridge and imaging unit.

You will need to be careful during this process though, as some of the components, most notably the imaging unit, are fragile and vulnerable to scratching. Power data cables are also connected here. clp 550n

The toner cartridges are also keyed, so they cannot be installed clp 550n the wrong slot. Nothing went wrong while testing, so none of these LEDs lit up, though we did see a couple of multiple-sheet feeds.

The CLPN can start with sheets of paper, and can be increased to sheets. Clp 550n CLPN runs at a default resolution of dpi, but when printing colour images it is advisable to select dpi for the best results. The sizes of paper that the printer can print on.

Samsung CLP-550N Supplies and Parts by Category

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Its combination of well-made, clp 550n designed laser printers, both monochrome and colour, also attract good discounts, making clp 550n some of the most affordable products in their classes. Photos even look good on standard A4 paper, so feed the Samsung some quality stock and the results speak for themselves.