What you have said doesn’t make much sense and that’s what makes this a very bizzare problem to troubleshoot. I have not yet put them back on but I assume that must be the problem I will post back when I have done it. But since it was fine before, the above probably doesn’t apply directly. Neftworking with this board. Yes, my password is:

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This board is almost the same as the original A7N8X Deluxe. Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. I have them plugged into the lime green middle plug in the back. I plugged in the front audio connectors for my new case and when I did I found ddeluxe the rear audio panel no longer produced sound through the headphones jack.

A7N8X-E-Deluxe Audio Problems

I have installed latest drivers from Asus ver 2. Anyone have any info about this? No, create an account now.

It would also be very coincidental since it happened once you reinstalled Windows. I find this extremely inconvenient and inefficient as a consumer because in order to adjust something aufio simple as feluxe SATA, you need to not spund switch the jumper to the appropriate spot, but also change the appropriate setting in the A7n8x-e deluxe audio.

Here’s a list of devices known to have problems with this board: You do not need for the whole content of the zip to be on the floppy, there’s not enough space anyways.

A7n8x-e deluxe audio capacitors may block larger heatsinks like this Thermalright AX7. Running the Ram in Dual-Channel will only bring a small performance extra due to the aging K7 architecture, but if you can get extra performance for free, why not?

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flofanzine45’s review – Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe – Audiofanzine

If you want to use the front case outlets, the dwluxe are removed and front panel leads are connected. No, create an account now. Theres a fix you have to apply. Radio Shack could be back?

Thanks again for the quick reply. No, create an account now.

These fan headers are a little close to the AGP slot. If you are still unable to fix it with any ideas you may have gotten from this, it is probably going to require more specific help. I was doing some maintenance on my htpc last night. Join the community here. This applies whether the board is running in Dual-Channel or Single-Channel mode. Already have an account? I had heard that they are hogs when it comes to CPU utilization. I a7n8x-e deluxe audio rather not have to wade through thousands of post to find a fix The only time it did slow down was when I stopped my Folding Home or when I turned on the air-conditioning.

Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. There are also a few things I don’t quite like about this board.

Hope you enjoy your stay.: Performance is also much better when running the Ram with very aggressive timings. Already have an account? Having a chipset capable of offering more then the CPU can handle means the extra bandwidth can be used by other devices without having to compete with the CPU at all. You do not want to run PC Ram at mhz. I like the hardware buffer that most integrated sound solutions dont have on cheaper boards, it sounr some strain off the cpu while playing games when its enabled.

Let’s start with the High-End version of this board.